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Participatory Training
John Rowley & Kate Gant
Reports & Resources
Links to Internal Reports and Resources
A report from the work in Slough with Community and Voluntary Services (CVS) and Race Equality Council.
A report from the work in Stirling with Cultenhove Opportunities Project and Stirling Health Board.
PDF cultenhove report.pdf
Some ideas from John's work in Berkshire in 1996.
PDF PRA in the uk
A paper from Kate's work in community arts and participatory appraisal.
PDF Consultation or participation.pdf
A note on using matrix ranking to look at participatory tools.
PDF Tips for Trainers.pdf
A report from Oxfam on work in Glasgow. It has a good checklist of things to consider before starting a piece of participatory work.
PDF Have you been PA'd.pdf
A report from the second meeting of the PPfC. It explains some of the work that this national network is doing.
PDF Participatory Practitioners.pdf
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