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Participatory Training
John Rowley & Kate Gant
The trainers
John and Kate are members of a national network of Participatory Practitioners and have worked together over the last four years on training programmes in Manchester, Stirling and Slough.
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John Rowley

started using PLA in community development work in Africa and has run training programmes in Ethiopia, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan and Tanzania. Since 1998 he has worked on community appraisal initiatives in the UK and has designed and run training for people working in Berkshire, Scotland, London, the East Midlands and Manchester. He has also provided short courses and workshops on participatory methods for agencies like People for Change, The Prince’s Foundation and the Oxfam UK Poverty Programme.
Picture of Kate
Kate Gant

is an experienced Trainer and Development worker. She was a Community Worker in Birmingham before helping to establish Walsall Community Arts Team and then working as a senior manager in a Local Authority. She now works with organisations to increase stakeholder involvement in decision-making and has worked across the UK including in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and the Black Country. She developed and ran the first PLA Training the Trainers programme for Oxfam UK Poverty Programme.
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